Fitness Industry Disruption – The Opportunity of Convenience

Fitness Industry Disruption - The Opportunity of Convenience - Premier Fitness Service

*Originally published November 19, 2019
The fitness industry is in a period of tremendous disruption both in presentation as well as application. With the connectivity of social platforms, advent of streamlined exercise products & incorporation of technology (which has made our daily lives both more efficient as well as demanded a comprehensive assessment of all personal processes), we’re experiencing a period of predictable transition in the fitness industry.

When assessing the staggering statistics (which has originated from these new factors), we see disproportionate contradictions and the looming disruption becomes clear. However, for those of us willing to consider the conflict these facts, the good news is that we’re now given an opportunity to get ahead of the change by implementing thoughtful adjustments. Here are just a few of the most significant conflicting fitness industry facts to consider –

·       The purchase of gym memberships has risen over 20% since 2008.

Yet only 18% of those with memberships report using their subscription regularly.

·       A seemingly infinite amount of free exercise training content is not only made available but programs which require little – no additional expense for the user is dominating social spaces.

Yet personal training continues to grow exponentially and is projected to increase by 24% between 2010 and 2020, faster than the average 14% expansion for all occupations.

·       New innovations, at record pace, are driving health & fitness to the consumer’s home.

Yet the addition of new fitness retail spaces continues to rise.

·       The transition of consumerism over the last 5 years, has greatly reduced the need to travel to physical retail store fronts to purchase the products and services we consume the most. Our lives have not only become faster to process but this transition encourages us to reflect on all systems and how these areas can be further streamlined.

Yet droves of users continue to presently seek gym settings as a singular means to achieve fitness results.

Considering these facts, I believe the side of technology, outsourcing traditional formats, speed & efficiency will ultimately win. So, if you have a commercial fitness amenity it’s time to become thoughtful about the future and leave the idea that the same presentation will be applicable for the coming years. In fact, the greatest challenge and opportunity in the coming years, as technology continues to further incorporate into our lives, is found in our ability to provide the fitness user with greater convenience.

The fitness amenities which naturally have the greatest opportunity to capitalize –

·       Multi-Family Housing Communities (Home)

·       Corporate Wellness (Work)

·       Hotels & Hospitality (Travel)

 “The side of technology, outsourcing traditional formats, speed & efficiency will ultimately win.”

The reason these fitness environments retain the greatest opportunity for success is because of their ability to incorporate exercise within the same facility that the user possesses at least dual functionality (Home, Work & Travel). This eliminates needless preparation & travel time while offering the user an environment in which they already maintain relative comfort & familiarity.

Here are some great questions to ask and help position ourselves for this transition.

1.    How is the user uniquely & exceptionally served within the scope of my facility & programs?

2.    Can the user seamlessly incorporate my facility into their increasingly busy schedule?

3.    How can the user incorporate other services and/or utility in our facility/offerings?

4.    What dual functionality can I provide the user while onsite?

5.    How can we incorporate the new wave of consumerism & social trends?