Ensuring Safety through Equipment Maintenance: A Critical Message to Fitness Facilities

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In a tragic incident at an LA Fitness location, a 36-year-old mother of four lost her life while using a treadmill in Kent, Washington, highlighting the importance of equipment maintenance for gym safety. According to the KIRO report, Delrie Rosario fell and sustained a head injury, leading to her untimely passing at the hospital. Her sister, Marissa Woods, shared their harrowing experience and expressed disappointment at the employees’ delayed response during the critical moment. Immediate assistance during emergencies can be life-saving, underlining the need for knowing CPR in such situations.


Importance of Regular Equipment Maintenance

  • Premier Fitness emphasizes the need for fitness facilities to prioritize regular equipment inspections, upkeep, and safety protocols.
  • The tragic incident underscores the significance of maintenance and equipment checks to prevent accidents and ensure gym-goers’ well-being.
  • Premier Fitness is dedicated to providing exceptional equipment maintenance services to fitness centers, promoting a safe environment for fitness enthusiasts.


As we extend our deepest sympathies to Delrie Rosario’s family, Premier Fitness urges all fitness facility owners to review their maintenance practices and ensure the highest standards of safety. Proper equipment maintenance can significantly reduce the risk of accidents, ultimately safeguarding the health and lives of gym members.


Original Article by Athletic Business: https://www.athleticbusiness.com/woman-dies-after-treadmill-accident-at-la-fitness

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