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Premier Fitness Service Technicians have provided all types of Elliptical repair and gym equipment repair for Southern California clients for the past 10 years.  If you are looking for trusted professionals to fix and repair your Elliptical or maintain your gym equipments, we will be glad to help!  Our certified technicians are trained to handle any type of Elliptical or exercise equipment.  General gym equipment maintenance can help prolong the life of your fitness machines and Elliptical.  Timely maintenance helps alleviate costly repair down the line. We also carry all the necessary parts and lubrications. For immediate service please call 888-737-2177.


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Regular cleaning and maintenance will extend the life of your elliptical machine. It will keep working optimally.  Proper maintenance prevent unnecessary wear.  This will ensure that your elliptical machine will work more smoothly.  Hence, your workout remains effective and enjoyable.


As always it is best to adhere to specific lubrication that the manufacturer has approved for your model.  The worse thing you can do is to use regular household oils particularly.  To protect your elliptical fitness machine, please make sure to use the proper lubricant. Call us if you are running low on lubricant.

When you try to clean the machine, please refrain from using harsh chemicals such as alcohol or ammonia.  For best, optimal performance and effective workout, please clean your fitness equipments regularly. As dust, sweat, and dirt build up, it can hinder the optimal function of the fitness machine, and causing faster wear and tear.  While cleaning, inspect the machine also. Careful inspections will help uncover potential damage that can cause an injury.

Daily or Weakly:

Use a lint free towel to wipe down the machine after each use.  Wipe the console and handles in particular and remove the sweat and the dirt accumulated from daily workout. As far as inspections are concerned, please check the fitness machine’s hardware.  Look for loose screws.  If you can tighten them easily please do so or call a technician right away. You should never use power tools on fitness machines on your own.  Loose parts will lead to injuries.


Once per month, please give your elliptical a more thorough cleaning specially around the areas of the stride rails and rollers.  Do a more thorough check over the equipment. Check for any loose parts more throughly. Remember that vibration in fitness machines can loosening parts.  Inspect the console and specially the plastic cover for any signs of cracks or other damages. Inspect the power cords and check for any signs of wear or damage.  This is a must.

Every 6 Months:

Unplug your machine and power it off first.  Remove the plastic cover and make sure you vacuum internally throughly.  Be careful not to bump any of the internal components.  Check the operation of the machine – look at the stride operation.  Add additional lubrication if needed.   Check the drive belt for wear. These belts are designed to last for a long time.  However, they will eventually wear down. If you see any signs of damage, call a technician to replace them properly.


You will need to lubricate your elliptical fitness machine once per year. Please verify lubrication with your manufacturer owner’s manual.  Make sure that you follow the correct instructions for your elliptical machine. Review your manufacturer warranty for stipulations about who should take care of lubrications.

Fitness machines can provide an excellent workout.  You can get a cardio workout that will help strengthen your body.  To keep these awesome fitness machines working optimally, you need to clean, inspect and take care of them properly. Follow the schedule and enjoy your machine for years to come.