XCEL O2 – Wellness System (EWOT) – Exercise With Oxygen Therapy


Imagine getting 4 times more oxygen into the body.
Not just arteries and veins but also the smallest capillaries (which make up 76% of the circulatory system). Inflammation decreases. Immunity is boosted. Energy is restored. And not just the energy to go all day long, but the energy all cells need to process the millions of biochemical reactions. All processes within the body require adequate blood flow and the capacity to carry oxygen. However, there are many factors that take a toll on our body and its ability to keep us healthy and vital. OXYGEN is key.

Why oxygen during exercise?
Over the years, classic devices such as nasal cannulas and face masks were used. However, this didn’t meet the demands of the circulatory system under load (high-intensity workout) when a “window of opportunity” switched on where the arteries dilate, and blood flow increases through the smallest vessels (capillaries), which were previously closed. This “window” where everything is dilated also sees an increase in pressure. While exercising with oxygen at approximately 40 liters per minute, you are now supersaturating the blood plasma and red blood cells. Oxygen is then carried to the capillaries and thus the deep tissues/organs. Every part of us must receive oxygen to heal, rebuild, fight invaders, and produce ATP (energy). The latest equipment to support Oxygen Multistep Therapy is our EWOT system which uses a patented adjustable positive pressure flow system to deliver 900 liters of oxygen with the greatest ease inside of 15 min. Other similar bags are harder to breathe from and tax the lungs. The bag’s horizontal ribs (placed on the system after inflation) slowly and precisely “pushes” air to the breathing mask at a nominal rate of .092 LPM.

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